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Crookit Dreams

Tune in tonight and join Crookit Dreams Radio with Richard Sylvarnes and special guest ambientfunk aka Klaus Killisch. If music was color, what color would Middle C be? Find out this Friday. We’re on air at 10pm UK / 11pm Berlin / 5pm NY time.
Crookit Dreams is an artist run radio show by Richard Sylvarnes and Mikey Kirkpatrick. It broadcasts live via internet radio every Friday at 10pm UK time. All episodes can be found in the archiv. Check out the three part interview with filmmaker and musician Hal Hartley. 👉


Teilung, Friedliche Revolution und Deutsche Einheit in der bildenden Kunst. Das Buch versammelt 420 Kunstwerke von 266 Künstlerinnen und Künstlern aus Ost und West und macht deutlich, welch große Wirk- und Deutungsmacht die bildende Kunst in Bezug auf zeitgeschichtliche Ereignisse besitzt. Bestellbar hier.

Klaus Killisch, Revolution, 1989, oil on canvas, 215 x 100cm

The next DIREKTE AUKTION is on! Catalogue and bidding @ My work DAS DUELL is part of it. Slot 7 visitmytent, Chapter 2 curated by Stephanie Neumann and Holm Friebe. Preview from 24 – 28 August 2021, 3-6pm @ Monopol Berlin. Auction on 28 August 2021, 3-6pm.

Klaus Killisch, Duell, 2003, Serigraphy, 100x140cm, Edition 8
Come into my drawing room. is a new platform to invite art aficionados into the world of drawings. I am happy to be presented there by Lage Egal.

Black Star
Black Star – a new track by ambientfunk, with spoken words by Robert Fitterman, Klaus Killisch: video, music, location: Erzgebirge ( Ore Mountains ) in Germany. Listen to the whole album here

is a collaboration with Mikael Eriksson in Stockholm and Klaus Killisch in Berlin during the pandemic. Videos by Mikael Eriksson and music by ambientfunk aka Klaus Killisch in 2021. Watch more here.

an exhibition in the midst of the city. 52 Artists 18 photographers. The open air exhibition MISS YOU wants to draw attention to the importance of culture, social contacts and personal conversations. Now it’s on display in Berlin, Hamburg and Baden-Baden through 16 March 2021.

MISS YOU, 2021, Klaus Killisch, Foto: Sibylle Fendt, Danziger / Greifswalder Straße, Berlin


March 2021
Release of my new digital album on bandcamp, Spotify and more. The tracks have been recorded in the last three months in my painter studio with guitar, iPad and effect pedals.

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